I Like Cats

Tonight I took a whore’s shower. How are they related? Of course I am going to tell you.

Gigi, aka Blackie, as a youngster. He grew to be one of the biggest cats I have ever seen.

Gigi, aka Blackie, as a youngster. He grew to be one of the biggest cats I have ever seen.

It’s my last night in New Ross and the New Ross Boat Yard.  Stephen and Michael, the two brothers who own the yard, had a bbq tonight for me and a few other friends and boat yard people.  You know those people who are forever working on their boat.

Yum Yum. The smartest cat I have ever know.

Yum Yum. The smartest cat I have ever know. She is half the size of Gigi, but rules the roost.

With tons of great wine and even better pig meat the feast was grand and so fitting for my last night.  But finally in my old age, I have learned it’s always better to leave too soon then too late.

Don’t I know it.

So having struggled with Dauntless all day, she is in the water, she has fuel and she is still a disheveled mess.  So I still have a lot to do.

Therefore, before it got too late, like just before 10 p.m., I decided I better leave the festivities.

Now, I had not seen the two cats, one black, one grey tabby, for the entire day, so I just felt my day would be complete if I could give them the salutations of the day and night.

But leaving the festivities so soon, with everyone clamoring about why I was leaving, I said only, I had to say goodnight to the cats.  (Of course after having thanking them for the great food, wine and lessons of Irish culture and history).

I looked for the cats; even went to my home for the last month, the shed, to look for them, but not a hair was to be seen.

As I was leaving and during my search, I reflected on why do I like cats so much?  Oh, I tolerate dogs and babies, but I do like cats.

And in the minute of walking away form the festivities, it came to me.  Cats don’t respond to peer pressure.  While they may want to get fed, they don’t pander. They do what they want, when they want.

Which brings me to the whore’s bath.

My mother loved saying that.  It was obvious that she would say it with multiple affect:

  1. She was checking to see how smart we were if we knew what she was talking about, and after the first time, it was a check to see if we remembered.
  2. Most importantly, she was showing that she was not succumbing to peer pressure in that every young person must take a shower every day. In fact, as she got older, a full shower was more a more difficult with her being alone. So the whore’s bath was the obvious solution.
  3. And of course she liked the shock value.

Tonight, before dinner, I had actually ran the engine for 30 mintes to heat the oil and check on everyting, so as to not elave it for tomorrow when I want to get underway to Arklow.

But even after 30 minutes with little work load, the water in the engine which also heats the water in my water heater was barely tepid.  So a couple hours later, when I wanted to take a shower, it was not even tepid anymore.  Though I did change the oil.

I wasn’t desperate enough for a cold shower, therefore a whore’s bath.

AN di f you still don’t know what that means you need to visit your parents more.

Tomorrow, Dauntless begins the first day of a cruise that will take us around the world.

Toot aloo

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