The Weather Intensifies; A Day by Day Summary Cape Cod to Flores

A Day by Day Summary Cape Cod to Flores, the Azores, 2230 nm, 20 July to 05 Aug 2014 20 July, 06:00, we left with the tide, as had a few hours on the Narragansett River, then Buzzards Bay to the Cape Cod Canal and across the Bay, anchoring at 21:00 that night. 91 nm,Continue reading “The Weather Intensifies; A Day by Day Summary Cape Cod to Flores”

Wind and Waves

Now that you hopefully have a better understanding of following seas, let’s define a few more terms and procedures. If I say the winds are westerly, that means they are from the west.  Generally I speak of wind direction in relation to the direction we are trying to go.  So, for example, when we leftContinue reading “Wind and Waves”

Following Seas

Our passage from Nova Scotia started out perfectly, with northwesterly winds (meaning they are from the NW and since we were going southeast, they were directly behind us, the so called “following sea”), almost pushing us. Perfect for Dauntless as she handles waves from behind very well. Before our purchase of Dauntless, my research hadContinue reading “Following Seas”

The Ocean is So Blue

This surprised us.  Having been in the Bahamas this winter, when the water as not so deep, it was so blue, like you are looking at a swimming pool.  But the deeper parts, like “Tongue of the Ocean” where the water is over 5,000 feet deep, the water is a dark navy blue color. So,Continue reading “The Ocean is So Blue”

Some Housecleaning

I’m sorry I have not been as communicative as I would like for a number of reasons, including: Limited Wi-Fi, or better yet, unlimited Wi-Fi, but it’s not connected to the Internet, and have only found one place where it is. So what email writing I have done is written on my cell phone, whichContinue reading “Some Housecleaning”

It’s Showtime

.OK, Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the time has finally come to get this show on the road Dauntless is loaded, (I wish I was) and most stuff is put away, well, at least on the outside of the boat. After more than 5 years of dreaming, hoping, wishing, planning, reading and even someContinue reading “It’s Showtime”

Dauntless – It’s Not Just a Name

An Update After 5 years of planning, reading, thinking, asking, listening and worrying, we are just days away from leaving Thanks to Parks and the cat, at Hopkins-Carter, I got a great deal on a whole bunch of stuff, including a Digital Yacht Class B AIS Transponder, which just went live minutes ago. IContinue reading “Dauntless – It’s Not Just a Name”

The Journey Begins- Nov 2008

And like many great journeys, this one began on a different journey.  Five years ago, at 39,000 feet, coming back from Las Vegas, I saw our future. I had picked up some magazines that looked interesting at the airport kiosk; one of them was Passage Maker.  By the time we landed at JKF, I sawContinue reading “The Journey Begins- Nov 2008”

Summary of Our First 9 months

What have we been doing the last 9 months? From April 1, 2014 to today, Dauntless has travelled over 5,500 nn, starting in Stuart, FL, We took it north in May, arriving in N.Y.C. May 23, 2014.   On July 1st, we set out for New England, and eventually got to Nova Scotia, New BrunswickContinue reading “Summary of Our First 9 months”