In a French Hospital

I even got to ride in an ambulance! But I get ahead of the story. I had an abscess on my cheek.  It didn’t seem that large, at least when it started. I kept on thinking it would cure itself, well, at least it has some other times. But this one kept on getting largerContinue reading “In a French Hospital”

Dauntless Comes Alive

It’s hard to describe how a boat comes alive. 31 hours into our passage to France, our second night out. it’s now 01:00 on the 15th of July 2016.  I’ve just relieved the “boys”, who had their first watch without me for the last 4 hours.  I had planned on sleeping another two hours, butContinue reading “Dauntless Comes Alive”

My Father’s Son

I am my father’s son. I do like the finer things in life. Too bad we see these things so late in life.  When the Buddha referred to enlightenment, he probably meant just that, old enough  to be over youthful  self-centeredness to now have the vision to see those things around us as they trulyContinue reading “My Father’s Son”

A Two Hour Cruise Took Five

And it was a wild ride! Day 08 St. Helier, Jersey to Port St. Peter, Guernsey Originally, I had planned the route in a most course fashion, just looking at the distance between the islands of Jersey and Guernsey and seeing the number “10” in my mind.  10 nm no problem; two hours. So weContinue reading “A Two Hour Cruise Took Five”

Dauntless Summer Cruise 2015 Day 03 Scilly to France

We got up early to take advantage of the calm winds and little boat traffic.  Dauntless rolled a bit last night on the mooring ball, so I put the paravanes out.  They decreased the roll a bit, certainly dampened it, like shock absorbers on a car, but these particular fish (or birds) are made toContinue reading “Dauntless Summer Cruise 2015 Day 03 Scilly to France”

Dauntless’ Spring & Summer 2015 Cruise Plans

Currently Dauntless is wintering over in Waterford, Ireland, a wonderful town in the southeast of the country, full of really nice, interesting, outgoing people.  Ireland has so exceeded my expectations, it will be hard not to return next winter, but we have six months of exploring and cruising before that decision must be made. As of now,Continue reading “Dauntless’ Spring & Summer 2015 Cruise Plans”

Could This Be Heaven?

But once you start to think it is; it won’t be.  It’s also the title of one of my most favorite songs, “Could This Be Heaven?” by Original Mirrors.  Released in 1980, I heard it for the first time in 1982 while in Germany. I taped it from SWF3, Südwestfunk drei, still one of theContinue reading “Could This Be Heaven?”