The Great Battery Caper

After months of planning, thinking and just plain fretting, the batteries are in and Dauntless is no longer acting like a one legged duck. How do one legged ducks act you wonder? Without the engine running or being plugged into shore power, we had only a few minutes’ worth of electrical power. And I’d goContinue reading “The Great Battery Caper”

A Man with a Plan

  Well any number of plans; the current one, 15 months to Japan, now in the 29th day since its start date. But like all plans, a plan is good only until first contact with the enemy.  For Dauntless it’s headwinds, or better said, for Richard it’s the hobby horse ride headwinds produce on Dauntless. Continue reading “A Man with a Plan”

Dauntless Cruise Plan 2016-17 Europe to Asia

Make the Plan, Do the Plan. So here is the plan.  The first four months show little change, but after I get back from the USA in mid-October it will be a lot of cruising. Previously I had decided to stay in Europe this coming year, but life happens and circumstances change. Therefore, In NovemberContinue reading “Dauntless Cruise Plan 2016-17 Europe to Asia”

I’m Excited; Very Excited

Yes, that kind of excitement. I’ve been playing with the numbers. I like numbers: 25 May 2016 to 01 November 2017, 525 days 207 days underway; 17,000+ miles $0.80 per nautical mile & $26 per day for fuel. 4576 gallons of fuel; 17,321 liters 10 oil changes, 145 quarts, 140 liters or 36 gallons of oil,Continue reading “I’m Excited; Very Excited”

Turning the Page

Tonight I turn the page; ending one long chapter and starting a new one. Spring in Ireland, getting Dauntless ready and her first significant haul out in the last 3 years and 15,000 miles.  In May, she’ll be back in the water, looking like she’s ready for business. That business will start in Scotland, doingContinue reading “Turning the Page”

Spain – What’s Not to Like?

Just got back from a quick, one week, reconnoiter of Galicia in northwest Spain. A great week, that just confirms that the Dauntless adventure on the Iberian Peninsula this year and 2017, will be fueled by fantastic food and wine at prices that even a New Yorker would love. Everything good, nothing bad, don’t evenContinue reading “Spain – What’s Not to Like?”

Make the Plan; Do the Plan

Yes, that has been me and in spite of my constant kvetching about being bored in NYC, I have spent this time planning. For me planning is all about developing the main plan, thinking about the plan, thinking of every possible contingency, but understanding that something will happen that I never thought of. Planning isContinue reading “Make the Plan; Do the Plan”

The Excitement Builds

OK, maybe a bit premature; but I’ve never been accused of being too patient. When I get back to Dauntless on the last day of March, my real work will start. 90% of my work is really done in the planning process.  Since the end of last summer’s cruise, I have been thinking of aContinue reading “The Excitement Builds”

Lesson Learned #137

Now, if your first thought is, “I wonder how I missed the first 136 lessons learned?” you wouldn’t be wrong.  While almost all of the posts related to cruising on Dauntless have some lessons learned, I don’t label them as such. So, as mentioned I have fleshed out a general cruise plan for the comingContinue reading “Lesson Learned #137”